At Pelican Bay Aquatic Center, we have a partnership opportunity for everyone. Get started today!


Pelican Bay Aquatic Center represents a community that works and plays together, hosting families and their events from all over Edmond in our fun, inviting facility.

Pelican Bay provides a local marketing platform that reaches people when they’re willing to be engaged. One with the power to let consumers experience your brand – not just see or hear about it. Television can’t do that. Neither can radio or print.

We can connect your products and services with people who have the money to spend and the desire to buy – families, moms, teens, young adults, and more. Get up close and personal with the audiences and events at one of the state’s premier aquatics centers.

Pelican Bay Aquatic Center is the perfect marketing platform – a place where consumers can see, touch and develop an emotional connection with your brand, face-to-face.


​SAMPLE Advertising benefits:

  1. Direct Sales Opportunities

  2. Advertising / PR Benefits

  3. On-Site Branding

  4. Promotional Opportunities

  5. Facility Usage for Events / Experiences

  6. Opportunities for Branded Events


Advertising opportunities could include:

  1. On-Site Info Channel

  2. Website Ads

  3. E-Newsletter

  4. Printed Brochures / Materials